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August 27, 2012
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Sherlock picked up his phone, and typed, 'John. I'm sorry. – SH'. His fingers were shaking as he pressed send.

John sat up straight, he had just dozed off in the living room after watching the News, and the buzzing of his phone in his pocket had made him jump, he unlocked his mobile phone and looked at the text.

His eyes filled with tears and took a few moments to take in the fact that his one wish could have come true. 'Sherlock. You're alive? -JW' he replied.
A few moments later, he received another message, 'That is irrelevant. You need to come pick me up. – SH'

'Irrelevant?! But... Ugh. Where are you, Sherlock? – JW."

'Outside a pub. Two blocks from 221B. –SH'

'Why can't you get a cab? – JW'

'None of them will take me, john. – SH'

'No wonder! Everyone thinks you're dead! –JW'

'That's not why! I may be… slightly intoxicated. – SH'

John sighed. Only Sherlock. He hadn't even explained how he had jumped off a building in front of him and somehow survived. 'Sherlock… You better have a good reason for this. I'm on my way. – JW'

'Thank you. – SH.'

John put his phone away, but a few seconds later it vibrated again.
'Did you miss me, John!? Did you miss me? – SH'

'Of course I missed you, you idiot. Why did you have to go?! – JW'

'He was going to shoot you. Are you nearly here? – SH'

'Yes, I'm almost there. But Sherlock, could you not have thought of something that wouldn't have broken my heart? – JW'

'I broke your heart? – SH' Sherlock looked at his shoes, after a few pints, he didn't have much sense, but he knew this was bad.

'Yes, Sherlock, you broke my heart. – JW.'

'No. No... No I didn't. I think I see you. – SH.'

'Yes. Yes, you did. And I see you too. Oh my god it's real. You're really here. – JW'
John got out of the car and strolled over, seeing Sherlock clumsily slipping his phone into his pocket as he approached him. John looked at Sherlock. "Not going to explain?"
"You... you're here," Sherlock stammered, trying desperately to control his disobedient body.
"Yes, I am, come on.." he began to lead him to the car, letting a sigh escape him, "Why're you intoxicated, then?"

"That's what people do, isn't ít?" Sherlock slurred, allowing John to lead him, "When they're sad."

"Why are you sad..?" John shut his eyes for a second, before opening the car door.

"..Missed you," Sherlock stammered, tumbling into the car.

John began remembering everything he'd gone through over the time he was gone, "I texted you, Sherlock..."

"I couldn't reply," Sherlock shook his head vigorously, propping himself up in the backseat.

"You could have." John chewed his lip and got into the car.

"No.. not safe, not safe now, why, why, why did I reply," Sherlock rambled, cursing himself.

John screwed up his face, "It is safe, Sherlock... why wouldn't it be? Moriarty is dead now."

"The others," Sherlock muttered, his eyes locking onto John's. "You said I broke your heart."

"You did," John tried to avoid Sherlock's eyes but he couldn't, "Was there anything I could have said to stop you from jumping?"

Sherlock shook his head more gently this time. "No…" He sighed, "How... How did I break your heart?"

"I- I love you Sherlock, that's how, you're my best friend and... and I had to watch you die."

"You ... love me?" Sherlock's eyes shot open, his head pounding from the alcohol.

"Yes, I love you." John tore his eyes away from Sherlock and stared at his feet.

"I love you too," Sherlock blurted out, refusing to break his gaze away from John.

John's eyes filled with tears, but he refused to cry in front of Sherlock, "I wish you hadn't left."

"I don't.. didn't know," Sherlock nudged closer to John.

"Oh.." John turned to look at Sherlock, "Do you promise to stay, this time?"

Sherlock gave a faint nod, staring into John's eyes.

John stared back and whispered, "Thank you.."

Sherlock found himself reaching for John's hand.
He took hold of his hand and held it tight, a wobbly smile appeared on John's tired face.

Sherlock gave another reassuring squeeze, John's smile remaining fuzzy as the alcohol remained to corrupt his mind.

John opened his mouth, but waited a few seconds before speaking, "Sh- Sherlock?"

"Mhmmm?" Sherlock mumbled, his attention snapping back to John.

"Will you do something for me?" John rubbed his forehead with his free hand.

He quirked an eyebrow, awaiting John to continue

Looking slightly pained, John continued, "Kiss me?"

Sherlock, the alcohol giving him a sudden surge of confidence, leaned forward, pressing his lips firmly against John's.

John kissed Sherlock back, hoping that it would never end, but he recognized that they had stopped moving and were outside their home.

Sherlock broke the kiss, carefully stroking his cheek for a moment, before swinging open the door and practically falling out of the car.

John laughed a tiny bit, before getting out at his own side and swiftly walking around to help him inside, "I wonder what people are going to say.." He nodded, assuming that Sherlock wanted people to know that he was back.

"That I've come back from the dead to confess my love for you?" He said quickly, his arms flailing as he tried to steady himself.

John blushed a little, "I think you need some sleep, my friend." He unlocked the door and helped him in.

"Sleep, no," Sherlock groaned, crawling the stairs at an impressive speed.

John let out another laugh, "But Sherlock, you need it."

"I need you, not sleep," Sherlock whined, scrambling to his feet again.

"I'll lie next to you if you sleep?" John, trying to bargain with Sherlock, begged.

"Ooh, you want to go to bed with me?" Sherlock raised his eyebrows, a smug smile forming over his lips as he joked.

"This alcohol really is getting to your head," John grinned, opening the flat door and switching on the lights.

Sherlock leaped inside, shrugging off his coat quickly. He grasped hold of John again, around his waist, and picked him up, before spinning him around.

John grinned widely, and was amused by drunk Sherlock's actions, "Sherlock, put me down!"

Sherlock held John close, before his lips were crashing against John's again. John wrapped his arms around Sherlock's neck, returning the kiss.

"Sorry," Sherlock mumbled against John's lips.

"It's okay now," John whispered, "Thank you..."

Sherlock slipped his hand into John's, giving him a gentle tug in the direction of his bedroom.
He walked to Sherlock's bedroom after him, feeling happier than he can remember ever feeling.
Sherlock swung open the door, chocking back a surge of pain as his eyes darted around his old room.
Noticing the look on Sherlock's face, John frowned a little, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah... yeah," Sherlock forced a grin, falling back on the bed and taking John alongside him.
John laid next to him, "Are you glad you came back, then..?"

Sherlock groaned, his arms spreading out across the lengths of the bed. "You made me glad."

John smiled, not knowing how to continue the conversation, "Sleep."
Sherlock pulled John close to his side, wrapping his arms around him. He nuzzled into his shoulder, "I can't sleep."

"You have to." John shut his eyes for a moment, blushing furiously and putting one arm around him.

"No I don't," Sherlock scoffed, leaving a trail of kisses on John's neck.

John shivered, Sherlock was getting him hot, "Whatever you say," and he turned to look to face him, "You're beautiful."

Sherlock's cheeks flushed a pale red. "I couldn't stop thinking about you."
"I had to have therapy." John smirked a little, not taking his eyes off Sherlock.
Sherlock frowned as he tilted his head, moaning a little as he did another kiss.

John moved away in fear of getting too excited. He kissed his cheek, "Sleeeppppp…"

Sherlock's eyes fluttered closed, he snuggled close to John.

John closed his too, and held him as near as he could. Sherlock smiled as he began to drift off, his breathing falling shallow. Sherlock didn't try to battle his drowsiness this time, John's presence was calming and he fell asleep.
Hey (:

Just a quick one-shot (;

I did not steal this from anyone, my old account was BrendonUriee and I deactivated it.
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